Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Not creeping crud!!!

OK so it was not the creeping crud it is pneumonia!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked when they told me that on Friday at the Doc's. They gave me a chest x-ray and then came and told me i have pneumonia! I had to have a shot and a breathing treatment, i was doing the breathing treatment at the time the nurse stuck me!!! its very hard to breathe in stuff when you are going OW OW OW!!!!!!! I was trying not to laugh at the same time, cos she did warn me it was going to hurt!!!
So pneumonia, yuck,i had to Google it, as i wasn't really sure what it was, i mean i "know" its bad but i didn't know to what extent it can be bad. I am exhausted to be honest, even walking across the room wears me out, and cough, good grief!!I could cough for England!! I have to go back later today to see if the stuff they have given me is working. I have an inhaler and cough syrup and an antibiotic to take every day.
I am banning sick people from my house PERIOD. If they have the merest sniffle or cough do not come to my house.I don't care who they are, it could be her Maj the Queen for all i care, i am done being sick and i am not going to let you come to my house and give me some other nasty crap to get sick over. SO, don't ask me to babysit,cuddle,hold hands,clean up after, touch a door handle,WHATEVER,i am not doing it and i will fumigate you if you walk over my threshold. I have Lysol and i am NOT AFRAID TO USE IT. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!