Friday, 19 December 2008

A couple of things i made..

I have been busy this week!!! I made a card yesterday for my hubby's mum's birthday, i thought this picture was so pretty. It's just some lace on the back of it and a couple of buttons and ribbon but it turned out really nicely.

The second things is just a twig sprayed silver with some glitter spray on it and some shop bought ornamental pine cones, it turned out so pretty also. I was worried the cats would dig in the pot as it has dirt in it, but so far they have left it alone!!! I can't have a single real plant in the house, they chew on leaves and dig in the pots so all i have are artificial ones!! I even bought an artificial spiky plant for the bathroom and thought it would be safe, oh no Hagar ( the evil one and naughtiest cat int he world) starts chewing on the ends of it, every day i would go in there and see little bits of chewed plant on the vanity unit, so we had to move it up to a shelf, i mean it was PLASTIC, but he chewed it anyway. I have a lucky bamboo plant in my bedroom, i have to keep it in there cos he chews on it!!!!!!!! If he sneaks in there whilst my back is turned or my arms are full of laundry i have to chase him out of the room as he Will get out from his hiding spot and go chew the plant. I am telling you the naughtiest cat in the world, this morning for instance I'm on the treadmill, now there is a wall right by it with a place he can sit on, so there i am working away on the treadmill and he decides he's going to jump on my back, SCARED THE PEA WADING CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!!!!! i screamed, i know i did cos i heard it over the ipod!!!!!!!!!!scared him too cos he jumped off and ran off!!!!!!! i thought for a moment it was my hubby playing a joke on me til i felt claws......... what on earth he thought he was going to do sitting on my shoulder whilst i ran i do not know, later on he tried it again only this time i saw him out of the corner of my eye....turkey!!!! i said to my hubby later that i could have been screaming for help and he wouldn't have heard a thing!!!!!!! Of course he stuck up for the "baby" ( hes 2 by the way, the cat not my hubby!!) he was trying to encourage me by riding on my shoulder was the excuse he came up with, lets just establish right here that Hagar can do NO wrong in my hubby's eyes!!!!!!!!!

Had a hawk in my garden today as well, he had what looked like a rat in his claws, sitting in one of my trees scoffing it, might have been a kestrel but i think he was too big for that, not sure if you have sparrowhawks over here, i will need to look that up unless someone can tell me? I just hope he wasn't after the birds in my yard, i don't want to have to chase him off as hawks need to eat too, but i don't want him picking my garden to use as his menu!!!!!!!!!!!!

That;s it I'm out of here for the weekends, got a busy busy time set up for this weekend.!!!!!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

New ornaments

When i was on vacation in September with my sis i found some nice ornaments of states, i got Oklahoma, Montana,Arizona and New Mexico, i tool some pics of these the other day. I couldn't find the New Mexico one on the tree, i know its there as my hubby put in on there, its on there somewhere, i was just too lazy to look too hard!!

I worked out this morning and kicked it up a notch well 5 Min's anyway, i put my treadmill to 60 Min's, i thought i was meant to get a 90 sec break but noooooo i ran for 30 secs and then i get a 60 sec break............oh my,i thought i was dying!!!!!!!!!! i had to slow it down a couple of times so i could get my breath!!! not sure if it was my asthma but man i couldn't breathe!!!! 5 Min's might not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things but when your overweight and your running you are running with that fat and its hard work!!! i thought i moved pretty good for a fat girl but boy...........i weighed the other day and had put on a pound i was so mad, but i am getting more toned and i have lost a couple of dress sizes, so its working, i just have to leave the m&m's alone!!!!!!!!! i now weigh 205lbs now and a lot more to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Please feed the birds..

With the weather being so cold and frigid please don't forget our feathered brethren, they need food and water at this time of year, especially when its icy. I feed mine a mix of sunflower seeds, millet and a host of other things in a bag!! I love to watch them, i fed them this morning and about 2 hours later it was gone!! So i had to refill it, i get a lot of sparrows but yesterday i had a blue jay and then today i had a cardinal ( my absolute favs!!) i get mockingbirds and assorted finches, also please DO NOT PUT ANTI FREEZE in the water you will kill them as it is a poison ( yes people do put anti freeze in the water) they are so cute to watch. You will be rewarded with watching them squabble for a good position on the bird table or hanging feeders!! So please feed and water them, they need it this time of year!!!!!!!!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas shopping...

Yuck.......we went to target and wal-mart yesterday, all i can say is never again at Christmas. i was looking for gifts for the Grand kids in Nebraska, left it a little late i know but we've been snowed under with other stuff.So here we were at target, i had looked at the Sunday ad and they had some good games on offer, well i tried to get down the toy aisle, in fact i tried twice before i just put my head down and shoved my way through (I'm too nice i say sorry for things other people have done!!) i got to the games and got the last connect 4 they had out and managed to find sorry (how apt!!) then it was the turn of the baby dolls...............oh my there are some ugly baby dolls out there!!!!!!!!i didn't like the ones they had so i knew wal.mart had a nice one so i would go there and get it. People do not like getting out of the way or moving over at all, there were people blocking aisle's, pulling stuff of shelves, i mean it looked like a bomb had gone off in some aisles!! toys not put back on shelves, kids playing with toys, kids wandering around on their own, no parents to be seen!!! The rest of the store was busy but manageable!! Wal-mart wasn't much better, i guess we picked the wrong day to go shopping!! I never really looked at the toys out there today, my two boys are teenager and early twenties so they are long out of the toy stage!! but there seems to be more electronic toys, i liked a talking my little pony, it was cute!! and they had some cute talking soft toys, but man the prices!! it;s nice to have girls to buy for i can indulge my girlie side, never having had one its nice to buy toys that are pretty and not boyish!! there seems to be more variety for girls or is it me??