Friday, 16 January 2009

Ugh Finally i am feeling better, i don;t think i have Blown my nose, sneezed, coughed, and swallowed so much SNOT ( yes i said snot, this is my blog and i am going to be disgusting!!!!) in years....i don't know if i had a very HEAVY cold or the flu but i have been sick for 5 days now and i am TIRED of it..... it serves me right of course, i was whining to my hubby that he hadn't kissed me in days last week cos he was sick, then the day he kisses me i come down with what he had, so it's totally my own fault. But oh i have made up for his man flu!!! i whined to him that i needed crushed ice in a tall glass with blue Gatorade and a "bendy" straw!!!! that's what he asked me for last year when he had flu!!!!!( we watch too much Frasier in this house!!!!)HEHEHEHE so of course i asked him for all the nice stuff, he went to the store to get me some medicine and i asked him for some orange juice......he went...came orange juice....then when i shuffled into the kitchen and asked for a glass of OJ he said...... oh crap i forgot it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i wailed to him its the only thing i asked for.............poor hubby he felt so bad, offered to go back and get it but i said no, queue fit of sneezing and hacking just to make it seem worse......LOL he called me a terrible fraud and poured me a glass of water, i muttered something about choking it down.........bless him hes tried so hard to look after me and i have not made it easy, well its payback for being such a grouch when he was sick....

Love him really!!!!!!!!!!! Hes my sweetie...............Life is never dull with my pooky around!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Normal service...

.... Will resume in a couple of days, i am currently laid low with a very bad cold.....yup i caught my Hubby's nasty cold!!!!!!! serves me right!!!!! He fluttered those baby blues at me and i kissed him then voila....i get sick...i knew it was a mistake!!!!!!!!!! but man when he flutters those blues, he makes me weak at the knees!!!!!!! ( am not no grouchy bear like he was though!!!!!!!!!!!))

So give me a couple of days to stop sneezing and having to blow my beak!!!!!!!!!!!