Friday, 15 August 2008

Blood sucker in my room!!

Ok, i think their may be a mosquito in my bedroom, the last few days i have woken up to find little red spot on my legs and they are itchy, i know its not fleas as i had the cats de-fleaed not too long ago and i'm not allergic to fleas but i am to mozzies.When those little devils bite i get huge welts and they itch like the dickens. So the question is where is the little bugger?? i walked around my room this morning peering up at the ceiling, i will get you, you little sod, oh and i've been sick all week with a fever and a really sore throat so if you sucked my blood i hope it was poisoned!!!!!!!!

Also i am very tired, i have a rain machine in my room to drown out the noises of cars etc. Well last night a bloody cricket chirped for 2 whole hours non stop, well he only stopped when i got up to go to the bathroom and i guess he thought i was coming to batter him......well i got back into bed and he starts up again, so i lay there fuming for about 5 Min's, got up with my torch ( flashlight) and started to hunt the little sod down, so i get to the old disused Gas wall mounted heater and that's where he is hiding, i could swear i heard laughter as i pulled down the little door there to see if i could see him......all the time i am doing this he has stopped that infernal chirping...............but of course i couldn't see him and if if i could have i doubt i could have gotten anything in there to kill him off! So i trudge back to bed and get in, pull the sheet over me and it STARTS AGAIN, that bloody chirping.................i know that little sod waited for me to get back into bed and get comfy so he could start again, he had to be watching me. I forgot to mention that whilst i was looking for him i could here in the not too far distance another one, now i don't know if he was in the house or outside but he was singing away also, so i know he was talking to him. I lay and seethed somemore, half an hour later it STOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh the sheer bliss, all i could here was sweet blessed rain machine..........and hubby starts snoring...............oh my gosh was i meant to get any sleep tonight?????????

Thursday, 14 August 2008

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