Saturday, 2 June 2007

Pirates 3

My Darling took me to see Pirates 3 yesterday afternoon. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh, i had been waiting all year since 2 came out, it was well worth the wait, i didnt want it to end.I didnt think however that Keith Richards was all that great, he was ok but after all the hype i had heard about how good he was i was dissapointed.He didnt really "do" anything.Johnny Depp, what can i say, he should get an Oscar for his role but he won't because he doesnt kiss Oscar arse enough.However if there is one of the "Jack Sparrow" clones running around anywhere that needs a home, my door is open to you love!!!!!!!!Orlando Bloom and Keira do their bang up jobs, geoffrey Rush is awesome as Barbosa, it was just an all over great movie and i can't wait for 4................and there will be a 4, not in the next couple of years but you mark my words there will be a 4!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this space as they say!!!!!!!!!!Oh and i told my Hubby that my next tattoo is goin gto be Jack Sparrows, "sparrow" he just looked at me!!!!!!!!!!!!not kidding dear, it will be happening!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Scaredy cat....

I swear i have the most scaredy cat that ever lived, hes scared of everything, loud noises, sudden he's decided that hes scared of the i ask you.I have 3 cats, Beanie ( hes 7 in June) Hagar the baby, (hes 7 months old) and Cy ( short for pshyco (( and thats another story!!)) ) he's 4. Cy is the cat that the minute he hears thunder he heads for the hills, or rather the darkest corner he can find,usually the hall to our bedroom, if we are watching a movie and it has a storm in it he will stop what he doing and looks, terrified at the tv, we can't watch Open Range anymore when hes in the room, it terrifies him, and twister???..............FORGET IT.I swear the cat is a nut job, he will play with Hagar all day if we'd let him but they get so rough we have to stop them,i have to put them in the utility room at night cos i would get up in the morning to find destruction in my house.So this is when we found out that Cy hates the Dryer..........oh and the should hear the noise when the washer is on!!!!!!!! Oh my, you would think SOMETHING was being murdered in my utility room.So now i have to do my laundry during the day so he won't freak out and my neighbours won't be coming over to see what is being murdered in my house!!!! Cy... love ya but you are a FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Country..

This was a challenge i did for NSD, i had to journal about my country, i really enjoyed doing this challenge, it made me think about Britain and how much i miss it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Birthday Card for my Hubby..

This is the Inside of it, i copied a poem and printed it on Vellum.

This is the card i made for my Darling Husband.. i used stickles glitter glue on the rose's dew drops to give it a raised feel.Used Scrapbook Factory Deluxe for the printing....