Monday, 19 January 2009

So many gone..

I am talking about Actors, in the last year we have lost so many good ones. Heath Ledger, Ricardo Montalban, Van Johnson, Paul Newman, Charlton Heston to name but a few. I think it is so wonderful though that we can put in a DVD and these people come back to life, even just for a few short hours their flames burn bright again.

I love to watch movies, especially the classics, the old black and white ones, the gangsters ones, the weepies, the musicals, my fav tv channel is TCM, i can spend hours watching the movies on it. I love the private screenings they have where they talk to the actors and ask them what it was like to work at MGM in the old days, fascinating to hear how they would work and then would visit each other at parties that where thrown by the MGM bosses. It was hard for some to be under the contract of MGM and other movies places, Bette Davis hated it, she tried so hard to get out from under it, she got crap scripts and was contracted to play the part, you would never know from watching the movie wether it was one she had wanted to play in or she had been contracted to play in, she was a consummate professional in all the movies she was in. Same with Katherine Hepburn, she i am sure hated some of the roles she had, but again you would never know it. They truly where Movie Icons, i am sure Heath Ledger had he lived would have gone on to do bigger and better things and been a bigger star than he already was.