Saturday, 2 June 2007

Pirates 3

My Darling took me to see Pirates 3 yesterday afternoon. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh, i had been waiting all year since 2 came out, it was well worth the wait, i didnt want it to end.I didnt think however that Keith Richards was all that great, he was ok but after all the hype i had heard about how good he was i was dissapointed.He didnt really "do" anything.Johnny Depp, what can i say, he should get an Oscar for his role but he won't because he doesnt kiss Oscar arse enough.However if there is one of the "Jack Sparrow" clones running around anywhere that needs a home, my door is open to you love!!!!!!!!Orlando Bloom and Keira do their bang up jobs, geoffrey Rush is awesome as Barbosa, it was just an all over great movie and i can't wait for 4................and there will be a 4, not in the next couple of years but you mark my words there will be a 4!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this space as they say!!!!!!!!!!Oh and i told my Hubby that my next tattoo is goin gto be Jack Sparrows, "sparrow" he just looked at me!!!!!!!!!!!!not kidding dear, it will be happening!!!!!!!!!!


EquineSpirit said...

I'm hoping to see that movie next weekend!

KKT said...

it is an amazing movie, isn't it? it got lousy reviews, but i don't know a single person who's seen it and not loved it!!

not sure if the movie is oscar material, but i have a feeling he might get a golden globe nom.

Pico said...

Good to hear that someone else liked the last Pirate move! This one couple we know told us they did not like it, and they thought the water scenes were too long. We have not seen it yet, but hope we can soon! We did have to laugh though; we eloped to St.Thomas and dressed up as pirates for the wedding (no,we did not wear the big hats) When we came back, the first Pirate movie came out. We felt we were ahead of the times. (Grins) I hope to put up some of our wedding photos on my album on the site. Believe it or not, no one had done a theme like ours there; we were suprised!