Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Please feed the birds..

With the weather being so cold and frigid please don't forget our feathered brethren, they need food and water at this time of year, especially when its icy. I feed mine a mix of sunflower seeds, millet and a host of other things in a bag!! I love to watch them, i fed them this morning and about 2 hours later it was gone!! So i had to refill it, i get a lot of sparrows but yesterday i had a blue jay and then today i had a cardinal ( my absolute favs!!) i get mockingbirds and assorted finches, also please DO NOT PUT ANTI FREEZE in the water you will kill them as it is a poison ( yes people do put anti freeze in the water) they are so cute to watch. You will be rewarded with watching them squabble for a good position on the bird table or hanging feeders!! So please feed and water them, they need it this time of year!!!!!!!!

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