Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas shopping...

Yuck.......we went to target and wal-mart yesterday, all i can say is never again at Christmas. i was looking for gifts for the Grand kids in Nebraska, left it a little late i know but we've been snowed under with other stuff.So here we were at target, i had looked at the Sunday ad and they had some good games on offer, well i tried to get down the toy aisle, in fact i tried twice before i just put my head down and shoved my way through (I'm too nice i say sorry for things other people have done!!) i got to the games and got the last connect 4 they had out and managed to find sorry (how apt!!) then it was the turn of the baby dolls...............oh my there are some ugly baby dolls out there!!!!!!!!i didn't like the ones they had so i knew wal.mart had a nice one so i would go there and get it. People do not like getting out of the way or moving over at all, there were people blocking aisle's, pulling stuff of shelves, i mean it looked like a bomb had gone off in some aisles!! toys not put back on shelves, kids playing with toys, kids wandering around on their own, no parents to be seen!!! The rest of the store was busy but manageable!! Wal-mart wasn't much better, i guess we picked the wrong day to go shopping!! I never really looked at the toys out there today, my two boys are teenager and early twenties so they are long out of the toy stage!! but there seems to be more electronic toys, i liked a talking my little pony, it was cute!! and they had some cute talking soft toys, but man the prices!! it;s nice to have girls to buy for i can indulge my girlie side, never having had one its nice to buy toys that are pretty and not boyish!! there seems to be more variety for girls or is it me??

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