Friday, 12 December 2008

Someone sent me this in an email, i laffed till i cried!!!!!!! so funny!!!!!

Busy weekend coming up, got some holiday goodies to bake, shopping to do and its the Christmas jingle bell ticket draw in town, got my tickets in my hot little hand!!!!!!!!!!!! We might be 10,000 bucks richer on Monday!! wouldn't that be a nice Christmas prezzie!!!!!!!!!!!

Been a busy week, got all the British contingency's prezzies sent and cards sent, just a few more prezzies to buy and I'm done!!!!!!! got to buy the turkey though, i don't know who is coming for Christmas but we are having turkey no matter what!!! Christmas just isn't Christmas without turkey. Got my crackers last saturday, got one more decoration to make, and i'm good!!!!!!!! Have a good weekend all.

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