Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Update on Boomer and some Chrissy pics!!

A pic of Boomer before the ear trouble, see a BIG baby!!!!!!!!!!

Well our poor Dalmatian boomer has a hemotoma in his ear, its puffed up like a bladder, poor thing, my Darling hubby took him to the V.E.T and they took some fluid out and gave him some antibiotics and some pain killers cos its got to be hurting him poor thing. Looks like we may have to get him some surgery on it, it just keeps filling with fluid, thing is its going to cost in the region of 350 to 390 dollars, right at christmas and right when we don;t have that kind of money. But its got to be done, we may ask if they will let us pay in installments we could maybe afford that. Why does this kind of stuff ALWAYS happen at Christmas, i know in the grand scheme of things its really no biggie, but right now when things are tight and we still have grandkids pressies to buy its a big deal.But it's the price you pay for having pets, they cannot help themselves and when you take in an animal its all or nothing and he needs to have his ear done.He is trying to be brave and he seems to be alot better today although its filled with fluid again, we can take that off ourselves, but it will eventually have to be operated on, he was a big baby at the V.E.T.'s though, i knew he would be!!!!!!!!he is 82 pounds of big blubbering canine baby!!!!! but we love him!!!

We put our outdoor Christmas lights up on sunday, i took some pics, took the flash off but it blurred but i actually like them!! they may be blurred here and there but it looks nice an dfestive anyway so im putting a couple on here for you to look at!!Oh and we got a new tree topper too, we have the box fro our old one but no topper, we have looked and lokked and looked and its nowhere to be found, so we went and got this one, that was before we knew Boomer needed his ear fixed!!!!!!! we got this for 50% off!!!!!!!! Oh well.... we had money for a while there!!!!!!!

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