Monday, 8 December 2008

It's Monday...

It's Monday and don't i know it! i worked out this morning and it was like wading through mud, my poor knee and hip where hurting, its the cold, i have arthritis in my left knee and it just takes a little longer to get going of a morning!! But i still did my 50 mins on the treadmill, going to up it to 55 on Wednesday, keep the same program but just add 5 more mins, i think i can cope with that. Weigh-in tomorrow, see if i have lost anything, i may not have but i know my clothes are fitting a whole lot better, which spurs me onward.

Our poor Dalmatian Boomer has a swollen ear, looks like he and scooter his best pal have been rough housing a little too hard and nicked his ear a little, it looks to us like its infected, i suspect the vet will lance it and give him antibiotics, so hes going to be a little sorry for himself when he gets back.I think a treat will be in order when he comes home. Poor thing.

My bro sent me some puzzle books from home, i love Kriss Kross books and he always sends me some, every few months or so, well this time the package arrived torn, i think there would have been more then the two that got here, it was torn completely open at one end and half way down the side, i hate to think what the post office have been doing with it to get it in such a state. I am grateful i even got the two that did come in it. So thanks bro.

So that is Monday...........yuck!!!

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