Thursday, 18 December 2008

New ornaments

When i was on vacation in September with my sis i found some nice ornaments of states, i got Oklahoma, Montana,Arizona and New Mexico, i tool some pics of these the other day. I couldn't find the New Mexico one on the tree, i know its there as my hubby put in on there, its on there somewhere, i was just too lazy to look too hard!!

I worked out this morning and kicked it up a notch well 5 Min's anyway, i put my treadmill to 60 Min's, i thought i was meant to get a 90 sec break but noooooo i ran for 30 secs and then i get a 60 sec break............oh my,i thought i was dying!!!!!!!!!! i had to slow it down a couple of times so i could get my breath!!! not sure if it was my asthma but man i couldn't breathe!!!! 5 Min's might not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things but when your overweight and your running you are running with that fat and its hard work!!! i thought i moved pretty good for a fat girl but boy...........i weighed the other day and had put on a pound i was so mad, but i am getting more toned and i have lost a couple of dress sizes, so its working, i just have to leave the m&m's alone!!!!!!!!! i now weigh 205lbs now and a lot more to go!!!!!!!!!!!

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