Wednesday, 4 July 2007

My sister's 50th

My eldest Sister Julie in the middle in yellow

My sister Kelly on the left with her 2 daughters, Brooke and Casey

One of my sister's turned 50 this week,we hadn't spoken in 17 years and this February we reconnected. I moved to the states in 2000 so I had a lot of things to tell her and my other sister. They both live in Scotland with their families.It was so nice to talk to them both again, to talk to my nieces and nephew to see how they have done in all these years.I wasn't able to go to her party, that made me sad but i was there in spirit.The Internet is truly a wonderful thing, not only did i meet my wonderful husband on it but it helped me track down my family. I had been trying to find them for years, posting notes on websites etc.Then in February i managed to track them down via a website that hooks up school friends, i just keyed in my nieces name and there they were. I e.mailed not knowing if it was a dead e.mail or not, you know you put your name on these things and then you forget about them!!!!!!!Only luck was with me, this e.mail was alive and kicking and that night i connected with my Oldest sisters 2 grown kids!! the next day i was able to chat on line to both of them!!! they couldn't believe it, they had all sorts of questions as did i. I also called my Brother who lives in England and told him i had tracked them down, so when he got his computer we all had a decent natter as we say back home.It's just been amazing, i know there are a lot of people out there that say the internet is a bad thing, but for me it was a truly wonderful thing to have.It has given me a lot of joy and i for one am glad it's around.

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