Sunday, 12 August 2007


To the person that posted an Anon comment about me needing more UV education........did you not read the bit i added from says to limit your time on tanning beds and other artificial sources, you obviously haven't lived with anyone that has/had skin cancer, believe me my friend its scary.If you want to go tan then by all means do so, just limit yourself, i personally know a few people that go 4 times a week and more, they love it. they themselves admit that they can't do without it, they have to have that bronzed look, and the darker they are the better as far as they are concerned. Healthy sun is GOOD for you, just don't lie in it for hours and hours and expect not to suffer from it.We all need sunlight, its provides vitamin D, helps SAD ( seasonal affective disorder, which i might add i have!!!) and a whole host of other benefits....... I'm trying to avoid Melanoma, cos I've seen them cut skin off because of it...makes me shudder!!!!!!!!!!

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