Tuesday, 21 August 2007


A Scrap booking friend had this up on his site and i thought how interesting.He had visited pretty much the south of the country whereas I have done the central part of the states!! the Ohio is when i first came over here, i landed in Ohio and got a flight to Dallas where i met the man of my dreams!!!!!!!! He was waiting for me and it was a wonderful reunion, full of romance and dreams and here i am 7 years on, so very much in love still and loving every minute i spend with him.
We have been on 2 road trips with my Brother, in 2004 we went to Kansas,Nebraska,South Dakota,Wyoming and Montana.In 2006 we went to Kansas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico,Texas and home again!I love the road trips, it is always a hoot and so much fun and to see the beauty that America has to offer. We fell in love with Colorado, it is so beautiful, so much to see and do there.Just wonderful. AS for monument valley, breathtaking, and to actually follow on the footsteps of the duke................priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kenny said...

Neat, huh? It's interesting to see how the patterns play out on a map (with mine being the bottom half and your's being primarily central).

p.s. E-mail me your mailing address so I can send you your bracelet! I left you a message on the ssmb but I don't guess you've seen it yet.

p.s.s. I LOVE your layouts!!!!