Friday, 14 September 2007

Great movie, i really enjoyed it and it was nice to see so many people out at the movies to see a western again.The story is much along the lines of the original starring Glenn Ford, but there is the odd twist and turn. Ben Foster is great as a baddie, oh i so wanted him to get shot!!!!!!! Christian bale was very good as was Russell Crowe, although as a baddie i would have liked to have seen Russell a bit nastier! All in all a good yarn, i prefer the original but then i always like the original movies. Sometimes you need to leave the original alone, case in point get Carter and Alfie, oh my gosh what where people thinking when they re-made these?????? i mean you CANNOT get any better than Micheal Caine in these two roles, and Alfie just didn't have the impact as it did back in the 60's.Also not so sure about Sleuth, it was great when Laurence Olivier and Micheal Caine did it back in the 70's, just not so sure that Jude Law can pull it off even with Micheal Caine in the role that Laurence Oliver had.I saw a trailer of it yesterday and I'm just not sure about it. Watch this space as they say!! But go see 3:10 to Yuma it was very good.

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