Saturday, 29 September 2007

R.I.P Flower

Poor little flower, I watched Meerkat manor last night and was crying, poor little flower got bitten by a Cobra and died. She was protecting what she loved most in her little animal life her pups.It was so stinking sad i was boo hooing, just another reason to hate snakes in my opinion.I logged on to the Animal Planet discussion with the producer of the show and he said she actually died on January the 27th 2007.They recovered her body and buried her in a marked grave.Poor little Flower, Meerkat Manor is so addictive, you just have to watch, they are only about 12 inches high and weigh about 3lbs but they are so cute! I love the way the sit up when they are sensing danger and the way they all band together as a family when danger is present.They "mob" snakes to get them to leave them alone but occasionally they get bitten and this is what happened to Flower, the snake was in her burrow and her pup's where in there, so in she went, when she came out he next morning, she had a swollen face and in less than 48 hours she was dead.She was 6 years old which they said was a good age for a dominate female, so she had a good life i guess, nature is so cruel sometimes.
So next weeks episode is going to be interesting, who will be the dominate female now? and what will Zaphod her partner do now? he may well have to leave the group as they are all his children.Tune in to find out!

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