Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Look what i have!!!!!!!!

Oh looky here, i have a new cell phone, i have been wanting one for a while but i knew i didn't need one with a monthly plan as i wouldn't use that many mins to warrant a 49.99 plan or something else as utterly ridiculous.SOoooooo on Black Friday my hubby took me to best buy and we looked at the pay as you go phones and i found this little beauty!!! it's a virgin Mobile Super Slice and don;t you just love the colour??!!! I love it, it is so slim and fits great in my pocket or purse. I got a 30 dollar top-up card and it gave me 30 mins plus i got extra mins with it, not many though, just enough to start your phone up.BUT the great thing about virgin is you can log into their website and earn extra bonus mins.....all you have to do is rate a few cool!!!! It has Bluetooth so if ever i decide to get more savvy and get it to work then i am good to go!!!!! the only thing i would have liked is a little case... i just don't want it getting scratched, i am a little concerned when i put it in my purse ( i have so much crap in my purse for one thing)I just don;t want it getting a mark on it as it is so pretty!!!!!!!!!! Love it, my new fav thing to borrow a line from Oprah!!!

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