Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ice Storm 2007

This is the picture i send to KJRH and they used it!!!!!!! i was famous for 3 seconds!!!

We have been hammered and hammered hard, when i look outside it's just so sad, all around all you can see are snapped of tree branches. I hate to say it looks like a war zone but it does, you see the trees encased in ice and in amongst all that you see the raw yellowy orange of the wood where the branch has been snapped in two or off from the base of the tree.Trees that were once tall and elegant are now broken and only fit for the fire. I haven't seen a single bird yet, might be because it is chucking it down with rain right now and any self respecting bird is hidden in some hidey hole keeping dry. We drove around a little yesterday, it was awful, cars that where parked by their owners by the side of the road had huge branches on top of them. When you stood outside yesterday and listened all you could hear was a "pop" and a "crack" and you heard the branch fall, when i was taking pictures i saw at least 3 branches go down. Also yesterday the sound of sirens filled the air, i live right behind a fire station and i swear they were called out every 15 min's, i bet they are all worn out today. So many people are without power, i think we were extremley lucky that ours didn't go off, it did once or twice and flickered a little ok a lot, but it managed to stay on thankfully. I feel sorry for those that have very small babies and no power and those that live in rural parts. Not much fun living in the country and you only have elecricity as your power and heat source. Some lucky folks will have a propane heater or a log fire so at least they can keep warm, and heck there will be plenty of firewood to keep them warm once it's thawed out and dried out.
So if you have no power i feel for you, if you have lost every tree you possessed i feel for you,it has been one heck of a storm, and it's still raining!!

My tree in the back garden has broken in two, half is ok the other half is lying at an odd angle. There is going to have to be a massive clean up operation and i mean massive, they are already out there repairing power lines and getting generators to places of need but it's all going to take time. Half of my town is without power, half is ok.

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doodlebugmom said...

Wow, what a mess! The ice is beautiful but so destructive :(

Glad you are safe!