Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Sisters visit

My niece, My Sis and my darling hubby
The little papoose my niece and my Sister!!!

Oh how i miss her, she went back on Sept the 23 and my life has a hole in it!.

We hadn't seen each other in 18 years, due to some odd circumstance prob best forgotten and indeed i can't really remember what went on. Our Mum had just died and then she lost her oldest daughter to an accident and it just "happened". So after i had divorced and moved onwards i tried to locate both of them. I have never lost touch with my brother but i had not spoken to the sisters in years. He didn't even know where they where, we were fairly sure they still lived in Scotland but i had no way of knowing if they where still in Edinburgh or had moved on. I had moved on you see, i now lived in the US so i know they had no idea where i was. So with the advice of my hubby echoing in my ears i tried to locate them, i cant tell you how many hours i searched the Internet, keying in various forms of their name and their children's names but there would always be hoards of names like theirs and with money being tight the sites that wanted me to pay for the information would just have to keep it!!

BUT one day in 2007 i went to a UK site that i had been with since 03, i hadn't checked in quite a while so i keyed in her name and lo and behold there it was!!!!!!!!! My sister, absolutely it was her, the info she had put in there exactly matched her. So i sent an email to the site to send to her. I heard nothing back, so after a week i decided to key in my other sisters sons name, located him also, he was on there, so i emailed him and heard back that very night, i had found one of them at least!!!!!!!!!!! So that night i had found my nephew and he called his sis and told her you will never guess what has just happened..........then she emailed me also. I got her email, his email and her myspace. I can;t even begin to tell you how i felt, then i got their MSN messenger ims and started to talk to them. Then i chatted to my sister via her daughter cos she is not computer literate!! But i had found them, then i got my other Sister's MSN and i was talking to her also!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best day, we talked for hours exchanging news, they were so surprised that i was in the US, all the news and gossip from years and years!!!!!!

So fast forward to Sept, one of them was coming over with her youngest daughter to see me and my Darling hubby. When we saw each other at the airport it was one of the most emotional days of my life. There was one of my big sisters walking towards me!!!! and her daughter, who was tiny the last time i had seen her!! I burst into tears and just hugged her and hugged her, she hugged me back and could not believe it either!!!!!!!! It was like a slow motion dream and it was wonderful. The whole 3 weeks she was here we talked and talked and talked, we managed to fit in a road trip too!!! We took them to Arizona to Tombstone, ,The Petrified forest, Carlsbad Caverns, The Grand Canyon it has been her life's dream to see it and we obliged her!!!!!!!!!! I have not talked so much nor laughed so much in my whole life!! I miss them both dearly and hope they hurry back SOON.

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