Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Another moving story of WW1


I've posted a few blogs the last couple of weeks about remembrance, i just think we really should never forget. So much was sacrificed so that we today could have the lifestyle that we live. You know we can fly to almost anywhere in the world safely ( well relatively safely in this terror climate) we get to move around our home countries freely, we can do so much thanks to those that fought and died for their countries. So much is said about bringing troops home from Iraq and such places, but if we do then those people that live there will face tyranny and death in large numbers, torture, any number of cruelties. I don;t know what the answer is, as i certainly don;t want anymore troops dying out there, so if you have a spare min or two today, bow your head and remember those that fought in wars past and those that fight in wars today.

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