Monday, 17 November 2008

Maytag suck...

.......or maybe its me, we bought this dishwasher back in 06, we had to take out a cupboard to put it in and plumb it in and all that good stuff. Well i was over the moon, no more having to wash dishes by hand, having people over and me stuck in the kitchen washing hoards of dishes because i can;t just relax knowing they are in there.........waiting..................drying food on them. I have to get in there and wash them, i cannot stand it and i cannot relax. So for our wedding anniversary that year we decided to get a dishwasher, or was it my birthday.... hmmmm. ANYWAY!!! we got it, went to the store to pick that baby out, money was fairly tight but we had a decent budget, we decided on the Maytag one. Black and pretty!!! ( i love new appliances!!!) so we took the little thing home and were all excited!!!

Yeah well that was until we had to take out the cupboard, which we knew we were going to have to anyway, but did not realise it was a job and a half.Two days later and we had the hole, it took two days as my hubby was on shifts so he would fit it in when he had time. He put the plumbing in,wired it up,slid it in and away we went.... GREAT. Til a few months later it started making a grinding noise, that lasted a few weeks but we couldn't see anything wrong with it, we had peeps out to look at it and nothing. then as soon as it started grinding it stopped it. All was good until 2 weeks after the warranty ran stopped working all together. Oh i was so mad at it, i wasn't about to pay for the man to come out again as it would cost us a fortune, so we turned off the water, unplugged it and took it to a little man that can.... fix things!!!!!!!!! told him if it was going to cost more than 150 bucks to fix it not to bother we would go buy an second hand one,but it only cost about 80 bucks. Hoorah, fixed and back in the house.....all is right in the world again.......until about 7 months later and it stops working again, but this time my Hubby got it working.......until last week when it once again packed up on us. This time hubby could not get it going, he had to go get a part for it as the little man that could doesn't fix em anymore, more money to be made in A/C's apparently!!!

So i am once again washerless and hubby is on nights, so no washer, all by hand again, that's why i'm putting off going in there to wash them, i keep looking at the washer and sighing.......and of course calling it all the names i can think of, don't think i will be buying a Maytag again.....i had a Hotpoint washer dryer once that blew up on me so i have never even looked at another Hotpoint.............but thats a whole other story of flashing lights and sirens and smoke....................and bright red luminous fire engines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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