Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Feeding birds!

I went out to feed the birds in the back garden today, i had just gotten down to the feeder and i started getting strafed by the sparrows, it was loud!!!! There must have been 20 of the little souls in the trees!!! I was either getting yelled at for letting let run out of food or they were getting excited that there was food coming either way it was noisy and funny.

I had then walked back to the house and turned around and there was already birds eating at the feeders, in this frigid weather they need all the help they can get, i put water out too although i am sure it won't be long before the water has frozen over again. I had to get the dogs back in again as they were eating the seeds i had put down for the ground feeders. Honestly the dogs had been fed not more the 15 mins before and there they are eating bird seed!! Blooming dogs!!

So i am happy, i got my snow!! all be it a scattering its at least snow!!!! The ice Storm was not as bad as i thought it would be but I'm sure elsewhere it has been bad.

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