Monday, 22 December 2008

I am being driven insane...

Slowly and surely i am being driven insane by my animal's and my house.... My dishwasher is on the fritz again, and i have 9 people to dinner on Thursday............ugh, i could just throw that piece of junk out the door, never EVER buying Maytag again.......EVER. Hubby has looked at it, cleaned the filter on it checked the valve and it's still not working, he's going to have another look this afternoon, what is the point in having an unreliable machine???? i could kick it. I told hubby we are eating off paper plates and using plastic on Thursday, and I'm deadly serious cos I'm NOT standing washing dishes on Christmas day whilst everyone else is having fun...NO WAY. You know what its like when you have the family over, everyone seems to disappear when the words washing and dishes rears its ugly head!!!!! I got some heavy duty paper plates and plastic forks, if anyone is affronted by that then they are more than welcome to eat of the china as long as THEY wash it!!!!!!!!!!! Heck I'm supplying the food the least they could do is wash their own plate they are all old enuff!!!!!!!!!

As you can gather one is not in the best of moods today, the dogs are in the house as its really cold outside and i think they have gone loopy,they have to be crated as i have cats and one of my cats was murdered by my Step daughters pit bull and my two joined in with the murdering so they get crated, also the dachshund is not house trained and he will pee and poop where ever he wants too and i got brand new carpet so guess what, you get crated little dog!! ( he was a foundling dog, got rescued from heavens knows where and was a bag of bones when we go him, he is now known as dumpling dog cos hes a little chunky!!!!) i swear though when i feed them you would think they had never been fed in their lives and if there's no tidbits in their food i get "the look".......... now the look consists of a pathetic look directed your way that says in dog speak, "um excuse me lady, there nothing but dog food in here, where's the good stuff huh?? you seriously cannot expect me to eat this???" then there is the sigh and the begrudging consumption of the meagre rations for that day.
Boomer ( the Dal) when it is time to go out to pee, will leisurely stretch when he is let out of his crate, walks slowly to the door and then i have to push him out with my foot, its cold out there you know!!!!!!! every morning its the same then as soon as hes done its whining time to come back in even though poor scooter has just about trotted to his fav spot!! Boomer is not a lover of the cold, he has a comfy crate with a pillow and a blanket and its right in front of a blowing heater..................bliss to him, Scooter has a pillow and a blanket also and he buries himself under it, many a morning i have to wait whilst he extracts himself from the tangle his has made himself!! Oh and whilst they are out doing what they need to, guess who has moved into the crates?? The cats......all snuggled up on the blankets, i swear those cats can hear the dogs go out over a mile away. They can be nowhere to be seen then as soon as the dogs get back in i have to extricate 3 cats from poor old Boomers crate. I get the "other look" then, the one from Boomer that says..." oh the indignities, now i have to smell like a cat" The cats are another story, they rule this house, i have to walk carefully as you never know when Hagar or Cy will come zooming past you at about 100 miles and hour, they fly over furniture and do not leave anything shiny on a coffee table or Cy will have it off there and he will be admiring his new shiny toy on the floor and's gone. I swear he is either a pack rat or a magpie..........he loves shiny things.........i had a nice bracelet once.............. he ran off with it.

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