Monday, 5 January 2009

Man flu...

My darling has man i really need to add anything else to that? If i haven't strangled him before the end of today he will be lucky. He has turned into this grouchy, miserable,whining........... thing. So not like him at all, i don't think i like this man flu man, can i have my old one back please??

It's cold here and we have not had a lick of snow at all so far, i am miserable, i want some snow, at least a little we have it every year, I'm not asking for a huge deluge, just enough to make it look pretty so i can take some pictures!!!!!! It's been snowing back home in the UK, but we have not had anything, OK maybe the odd flake in the wind but that's all. I need some snow people!!!!!! i watch the news avidly thinking my weatherman Dan will take pity on me and forecast some, but no, it's going to warm up here later this week, so no chance there!!!!!!! Oh well, at least i can get outside and escape the whining man!!!!!!!!!!!

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