Friday, 9 January 2009


I had to go to the Dentist on Weds, practically made myself ill over it, all i was doing was having a clean!!!! I am so the biggest coward EVER when it comes to the Dentist. I was sitting there in the office, he has 6 alcove thingys and we all sit there and wait our turns, i get my teeth cleaned, not too much bother until she hit a nerve type bit, made me jump, she said i have a little receding going on there. I felt bad that i jumped and scared her, but it hurt!! She wants the dentist to come and look at my partial,its rubbing a little, so i sit there and wait.......and i hear..........................THE DRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....................arghhhhhhhhhhh i was almost out of that chair and gone but i calmed down and told myself its not for you, it's not for you, its for that poor sap sitting in that chair over there....................oh but it was all i could do to sit there and not move, not run for the hills!. Ugh that noise just make me want to be ill, i hate it, makes me go cold even now thinking of it!!! I always worry that when I'm in the dentist's chair that he will say oh yes you need that doing now and he will have me trapped and i won't be able to get away and I'll have to sit there and have needles poked in my mouth and all that goes with it..............ugh.

But i have to say, my dentist chap is very good, he treats me with kindness and sympathy, is very good to me, so much so i went back after he did my root canal, he would stop and ask if i could feel anything and if i did he numbed me up some more so that i couldn't feel it. Of course it helped that i was sky high on two little pills that had me feeling that i could float away on clouds. Bu ti didn't feel anything at all, i also had the happy gas, i didn't quite go to sleep but it was close!. When i got home after it, i slept for a little while, but i found i did not need the painkillers he gave me, and it was bliss not to have the constant pain that my tooth had been giving me,i felt like a new woman!! I had sat and done the crossword too, until i checked it the next day............not one word made any sense!!!!!!!!! it obviously had to me whilst i was doing it but when i looked at it the next day it was complete nonsense, note to self here, "do not try to do crossword when you are still pie eyed from happy pills....."

So i don't have to go back now until July, praise god!! great dentist and no offense but i hate dentists!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (( but he really is very good!!!))

Hubby is better, thankfully, i don;t think he would have seen the weekend if he hadn't been getting better, he was bummed last night when OU lost against Florida,and if i hear Tim Tebow's name once more in the context that he's the best college footballer ever I'm going to throw something, it takes a TEAM people to play, not one person.I really do not know that much about football ( coming from Britain football to me is played with a round ball, on a pitch!! Hence the pic of David Beckham!!) but i do know that it takes a whole team to play the game, but listening to the commentators last night Tim was the only guy on the whole field!!!! OU are still #1 though, i don't care what anyone says, we just didn't have it right on the night,any other night we would have been on top form, but last night is the night that counted!! So congrats and raspberries to Florida, and commiserations to Bob Stoops and OU but we still love ya!!!!!!

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