Friday, 6 March 2009

Fresh air!

I have one of those Air purifiers, when i got up this morning i noticed it smells really fresh in the house, i mean REALLY fresh, i think my allergies would be far worse if i didn't have it. I have 3 cats and you wouldn't know it, i keep the cat box really clean but i think in some houses you can still smell cats, but nope not in this house!! I found beanie, lounging in the sun this morning, he had crawled behind my vertical blinds and was snoozing in the sun!! so i opened the front door and put the catch on the storm door and let him snooze in a bigger patch of sun,. he is a sun bathing fool!! he loves the sun! When we lived in a diff house i had a table in the dinning room and it got the sun all afternoon there was many a time i caught him lolling on the table in the full glare and heat of the midday sun fast asleep stretched out so i took a pic of him and scrap booked it.

Been a very stressful day, i have issues with my bank, also issues with someone who will remain nameless but never the less causes undue stress to others and to me. Such a jerk and a control freak.Is not happy unless they are in control of what people do. So i took it to God, i am trying to do that more these days, i have a few issues that i know i need to talk to God about.
So into the weekend, we have nothing planned so it will be a nice relaxing weekend i hope, just me and the old man!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHE my sweetie that is!!!! have a good weekend all.

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