Saturday, 7 March 2009

Ordering water...

Now who would have thought that ordering water could be so wrought with language problems. I of course have an English Accent, i am indeed English so that would be why. There have been several times that i have tried to order a glass of water in a restaurant and have had either blank looks thrown at me or i get Beer......yes i said Beer. I went to our local Mexican place and ordered a water or so i thought and he brought me a beer, much to my husbands delight and my puzzlement. He had to order me my water...i thought why in the world would he think "water" sounded like "beer"??
Then i went to Golden Corral one day and ask for water and i get "what?" i think it was 4 times i asked until a little portugese exchange student that was serving there said i know what she wants and gave me my water, the American lady had no idea what i wanted, i was irritated by then cos this lady was being really rude by now. All i kept getting from her was "what, what do you want...." her attitude was extremely rude. Then today, i asked for lemonade, cant go wrong with that i thougjht.....sorry we dont have it.............well rats i think,i really wanted water so i asked, nope sorry we dont have that, what says i you dont have water??????? what place i am thinking to myself doesnt have water?????????? So i looked at her and i said, you dont have water?, so she looks at me and my hubby says in his wonderful american drawl......"warder."....... oh says the lady all smiles "warder"!!!!! yes i said then he and she are giggling all over the place and i want to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh i just love the way you speak says she.....i could listen to that all day.... and her am i thinking yes but i wont get fed!!!! So i tell my darling hubby from now on HE orders my drinks!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Americans, you brighten my day!!!

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